[Ligtchaser] Labour Day


#Lightchaser #LabourDay


As the name implies, Labour Day is meant to be a day where employees can breathe a sigh of relief.

During this memorable public holiday, people choose to relax and not engage in work-related activities. The day off is not available for all industries though, and some workers, like those in the service line and the food & beverage industry, cannot take the day off.

Hence, I would like to give you a big salute for your efforts! Thank you all!

But at the same time, I'm also very interested in what you all have planned for Labour Day! After all, as a person with no planning skills and dull, I do not know how to arrange my schedule. I can only rely on you and be inspired by you! (*^▽^*)

Event Period: 1st – 4th May 2022, 14:00 (UTC+8)


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