☆Lightchaser Class Introduction☆


Class Introduction

This beautiful Japanese MMORPG mobile game Lightchaser has three major classes. We cannot choose our origin, but in Lightchaser, players are given a chance to reborn. Here you are free to choose your
class, and leave no regrets. There are 3 type of classes in Ochealand  that is Warrior, Assasin, and Knight. Below, let me introduce them one by one to you!


1. Warrior

"As the blade unsheathed, the sky shook”

Initiator and charger; High HP and high DEF, can attack and defend. Close combat type, with light attributes, weapon used is Holy Sword, partial defense, survival, regiment weapon for group battle, highly defensive. Difficulty: 3-stars.




2. Assassin

"Double-edged blade break time and space, opening the door to hell"

Fast and nimble, swift like wind; Instant explosion, 1 person in 10 steps. Close combat physical attack type, with dark attributes. Weapon used is Dark Blade, flexible, strong instant explosion. Difficulty: 4-stars.


3. Knight

"In a flash, as fast as the dragon”

Great precision shot, at high speed; High HP and high DEF, crowd control. Close combat crowd control type, with wind attribute. Weapon used is Dragon Lance, with fast attack speed, quick control in strangling enemies, strong control ability. Difficulty: 2-stars