❂Master:- Guild System❂


Guild System

The guild system is where you can find a partner quickly. Once you reach Lv. 42, you can join or create a guild. So how to play with the guild system gameplay? Let's take a look


【Guild Positions】

1. In the guild, there are presidents, vice presidents, directors, elites, Guild’s Fav, and members.

2. Players with positions will get additional guild benefits. The higher the position, the greater the benefits.


【Guild Level】

1. Players can increase Guild’s funds through donations.

2. The guild needs to spend fund to upgrade, and the guild will upgrade automatically when the amount of funds have met the requirements.

3. The higher the level of the guild, the higher the limit for no. of members and positions.

5b60243657318.jpg【Guild Skills】

1. There are many types of guild skills that players can learn arbitrarily.

2. The level of the guild skill is related to the guild level.

3. Learning the Guild skills will require a certain amount of contribution.  

5b60246c572e4.jpg【Guild Blessings】

1. There are 5 types of Dragon Balls. The more Stars that a ball have, the richer the rewards.

2. Players can increase the number of stars for free 3 times a day, and they can also increase the number of stars by using diamonds.

3. There is a limit to the number of times a player can bless daily. You can increase the upper limit by increasing the VIP level.

4. Guild member’s assistance can shorten the opening time by 50% and get an additional bonus rewards.


【Guild Divine Beast】

1. The Divine Beast is divided into 5 levels; every level requires a different feeding experience. The higher the level, the more rewarding it is.

2. The Divine Beast’s experience can be increased through feeding. The feeding needs Divine Beast’s food and these foods can be obtained through the guild quests.

3. The Divine Beast ultimately activated will be summoned in the Beast's Trial event.

4. The Divine Beast’s level will be reset to Lv. 1 at 00:00.