[Lightchaser] Server Merge Preview




Dear Players,

Currently we are planning to merge the following servers:


Group 1: Privilege AS167+AS169+AS171

Group 2: Privilege AS168+AS170+AS174

Group 3: Privilege AS173+AS175+AS176

Group 4: Privilege AS138-142+AS143-144

Group 5: Privilege AS118-128+AS129-137

Group 6: Privilege AS152-154+AS155-157


Group 1: Privilege NA49+NA50


Group 1: Privilege EU49+EU50


Do kindly provide your opinions and feedbacks regarding the merge. Feel free to leave a comment on some recommendations on which servers you guys think should be merged. We will take your feedbacks into considerations and make the final decision on the 29 April 2022. Merging of servers will be conducted on the 1 April 2022.


S1 + S2

NA1 + NA2

EU1 + EU2

Reminder :

*Inaccurate format of feedback/opinion or unreasonable requests will be classified as invalid.

*No rewards will be given for this feedback session.

*Feedback/Opinion is limited to 1 per person.

Light Chaser has full rights to change any contents without prior notices and the decisions made are deemed final. Thank you for the continuous support, look forward to seeing everyone's feedbacks and recommendations!