[Lightchaser] Find Your Lucky Clover


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The four-leaf clover is also known as the lucky clover. There is a belief in Europe that finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of good luck. It has become a favorite game among children, who believe they will find happiness by finding one.

In Japan, four-leaf clovers also have symbolic meanings, thus the name: "lucky clover". Their rarity has given them symbolic meanings.

The legend holds that only one four-leaf clover appears out of 10,000 to 100,000 clovers. However, after observing over 5 million clovers, experts discovered that the actual frequency of four-leaf clover appearances is nearly 5,000 to 1.

It is no wonder that this kind of plant is called a symbol of luck because of its extremely low probability of appearing. After all, this is a great tool to determine whether or not you are lucky! But the real four-leaf clover is so hard to find, what about fake ones? Ohoho~ To test your eyesight and bring you good luck, let's play a mini-game called "Find the lucky clover" today.

Event Gameplay:

1. First download this event image.

2. Find the "lucky clover" among the clovers in the picture, and circle it.

3. Save the picture of the "lucky clover" you have found and share the answer with us in the comment section of our Facebook event post.

4. Remember to attach your watermark to the picture to avoid plagiarism as well as copy and paste.

Can you find the lucky four-leaf clover?

Come and challenge together!

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