[LightChaser] FireEscapeQuiz


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When a fire breaks out, what should you do? No matter where we are, the most critical thing is to stay calm and find a way out.

What about trying a small fire escape game today?

Fire has broken out in a 10-story apartment. In the meantime, we only know that the fire started outside the third-floor room for unknown reasons.

Based on the following scenarios and options, players are asked to help the occupants escape and prevent the fire from starting. Among the choices are the door, water, window, bed sheets, blanket, hair clips, towels, a charged phone, a megaphone, a safe box, cigarettes, and the occupant's idea of using the elevator.

Prizes will be given to those who answer the questions correctly, i.e., 3 special prizes for the fastest answers and 20 consolation prizes for 10 random participants.

Task 1: What should you do if a fire breaks out? Tick the boxes in the small grid.

Task 2: Things that can cause a fire. Mark it with an 'X'.

Event Period: 28th - 31st July 2022, 14:00 (UTC +8)

Event Rewards: 3 Special Prizes and 10 Consolation Prizes

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3. Region area: ASIA/NA/EU

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