❂Master:- Mount Cultivation❂


Mount Cultivation

An excellent adventurer can’t travel far without his mount. A good mount can not only carry you up and down but also be a big help in the battlefield.

There’re all sorts of mounts on Pharrel Land ranging from birds to animal. As one of the partners of adventurers, their cultivation shouldn’t be overlooked.

【Advance mount】

Mount advancement is the most direct way to upgrade their attributes. Mount Evolution Glyph is a required material for this operation. You can tap the advance button to increase the blessing value. When the value is full, the mount will be advanced. Mount advancement will not only upgrade the attributes of mount, but also change their appearance totally.

【Mount Equipment】

Mount of higher grade can be equipped with equipment of higher level. Equipped mount will bring additional increase of attributes and CP. That’s why it’s important to obtain the equipment for your mount when cultivating them.
There’re many ways to obtain the equipment of mount, namely completing Multi-P Dungeon, taking part in World Boss and joining Expedition. The excessive mount equipment can be used in battle soul casting that can bring about the upgrade of attributes.

【Potential and Talent】

Adventurers have to arouse the potential and talent of mount. Upgrade of potential can increase attributes in percentage while upgrade of talent can provide fixed-value attributes to players. Awakening Potion and Protection Potion that are used to upgrade the potential and talent can be obtained from various gameplay.

【Mount Skill】

The skill of mount is not as simple as the upgrade of their attributes. With their skills, adventurers can deal all sorts of attribute-weakening effect on enemies bringing about variables in the battle.
This introduction should have provided an in-depth look at the importance of cultivating mount. Cultivate your mount carefully as they will be a big help when you are in need.