[LightChaser] International Nurse Day



#LightChaser #InternationalNurseDay

We have been living in the nightmare of Covid-19 since last year and millions of healthcare workers have worked tirelessly and selflessly to protect us from the virus in this time of crisis. Thank you isn't really enough for what they have done for us. Speaking of this, most of us certainly have been to a hospital or clinic before. Pills and injections are unavoidable when we fall ill. Are you afraid of injections? Do you hate taking medicine? Share with us your unforgettable injection or medicine-taking experience to let others know they are not alone!

I myself hate taking medicine, especially capsules. I can never swallow it without drowning myself with water and sometimes I have to crush it first so I won't die of choking.

Event Period: 10th May~13th May 2021,14:00(UTC+8)

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