The best ways to gain CP in short time (Publish by player)


I’ve taken a look at all of the best ways to increase my CP 

1st is Level Up, it’s important to note that maxing your level can be one of the quickest ways to boost your CP further. Your CP will grow over time just by playing to level up. 

2nd is Work On Achievements.Completing enough achievements will boost your achievement level and your character will get a boost in attack, health, and CP. 

3rd is Play Arena or any Ranking Events it can be a great way to earn more CP. In fact, you can boost your CP even if you lose in the arena. As you play Arena battles, you’ll be given honor points. As you earn more honor points, your honor rank will go up. Upgrade Your Passive Skills Don’t forget to upgrade your passive skills!

4th is Upgrading your passives will boost your CP even further and also increase your survivability in fights. Many players focus on upgrading their active abilities to the point where their next active ability upgrade will take a thousand times more Skill Book or Skill Points than a passive skill upgrade because they’ve neglected their passive skills so much.

5th is Upgrade Your Gear upgrading your gear with the Forge is incredibly important for increasing your CP and boosting the stats of your weapons and armor. Grinding 24/7. Join every event and do all daily quest.

**The most important thing is just read the information in every features in the game.**

Thanks for the sharing from Asia S26/S50 Beelzebub !