Easy tips for new players (Publish by player)


=This is about how to growing fast in game with 7 days =

*Follow the main quest in the 1st day , and you may rush to 55-61 level in 1st day.  

*Join the top 4 guild in game to get more rewards

And how to raise up your cp with bound diamonds only?

1. Bound diamonds will be obtained from Achievement.

2. Single dungeon - Eternal Temple, the most bound diamonds to gain.

3. Single dungeon - Virtue Relam, Simple Dungeon, Bound Diamonds will be rewarded on the 1st Clear only.

4. Activity points - Reach 80 and 150 points with 5 chests in Event icon by finish daily quest & events in game . Refresh on 00:00 everyday and you may get total 120 bound diamonds with the points reached 150.

5. Honor warlord - The top 4 of Guild points will get the bound diamonds in 12:30 and 20:30 everyday. (Except 20:30 Saturday)

6. Beachhead , Quiz , Divine Beast Trial & Bonfire Quiz. Gain rewards with the bound diamonds and enchant gems giftbox .

7. World boss - There will be 4 period of time to enter. Highest damaged dealt will be rewarded a Guild Red Packet.

8. Guild Blessing - Available after joined a guild, bless 5 times once a day, assist other guild menmber will get rewards too.

*Last , to boost your cp is be active in game with the events. The first day of server launch with the evelution event start from Mount, Holy wings, Relic, Elf, Partner & Trump, Aircraft, and Mystic wings on the 7th days. Advance from Grade 4 above will have the blessing countdown within 24 hours , so be minded to ask from other players for the amount of glyphs before starting advance. Character lever are important too, boost your level to unlock more features. The Spirit Palace available with 69 level and you may boost your cp easily .

These are my little tips in Lightchaser, there are still a lot of things to talk about and you may discover and experient by yourself  =) . Thank you.

Thanks for the sharing from Asia S133 Jo !