❂Master:- Equipment Function❂


Equipment Function
Equipment can be said is a must-have for every adventurer. It can be a shield to defend and also a sword to attack. As the saying goes, to do his work well, one must first sharpen his tools. Since the equipment matters a great deal to us, let’s take a look at how the equipment functions in the game~

【Enhance equipment】

During the process a player grows from a green hand to a proper adventurer, they will be given all newbie equipment. What they can do is to polish them.
And enhancing the equipment is the basic step to polish it. Equipment enhancement will consume Equipment Enhance Crystal which can be obtained by killing world boss, completing daily quests and the other ways. Each equipment owns different basic attributes and equipment enhancement is required to improve these attributes.
When all equipment is enhanced to a certain level, full set enhancement attributes will be activated. With the progress of enhancement, the success rate will become lower and lower indicating more and more Equipment Enhance Crystals will be consumed. So, to enhance your equipment, you have to get more Equipment Enhance Crystals!

【Embed Gem】

Enhancing the equipment to a certain level will unlock the embed slot on it. Once it’s unlocked, you can embed gem on the slot to obtain corresponding attribute buff. The higher the level of gem, the higher the attribute buff you will get. Same as the full set enhancement attributes of equipment, the gem can activate full set embedment attributes too. The higher the level of gem embedded, the higher the full set attributes you will get.
Then what about the gem of low level? Don’t worry, you can fuse four low-level gems of same kind to form one 1-level higher gem of same attributes.

【Enchant Equipment】
Equipment enchantment is a function that can upgrade the attributes of equipment by consuming attribute gemstone. It can upgrade the overall attributes of equipment. Equipment of different quality has different enchantment attribute limit, the better the higher. So, don’t forget to upgrade your equipment before you enchant it~!

【Upgrade equipment】
Equipment upgrade falls into two parts, the first is to upgrade the equipment to “ultimate”. At this stage, players have to take part in all kinds of gameplay, log in continuously, obtain perfect equipment scroll and ultimate equipment scroll and then use the scroll to upgrade the equipment. After that, the second part begins. Players have to find a way to upgrade their equipment to the highest level, which is the Epic Equipment.

To activate Epic Equipment, you have to collect Epic Equipment Shard first. The shard can be obtained from Epic Treasure, Barter Shop and Epic Equipment Shard Chest which is the rewards of time-limited gameplay. Activation of Epic Equipment is a process of qualitative change coming out of quantitative change. If you can persist, you will own it eventually.

【Engrave God Stria】
After activating Epic Equipment, you can upgrade its attributes by engraving God Stria which can be obtained by taking part in C.S. 1v1 and other time-limited gameplay. The God Stria can inject tremendous power into your equipment. It might not be easy to get it, but it’s definitely worth the effort.
Engraving God Stria can not only increase attributes directly but also activate realm attributes producing higher CP bonus.

【Infuse Battle Soul】

The excessive mount equipment can be used to provide Soul Cast value and then upgrade the Battle Soul itself to bring about higher CP.
It takes time to hone your equipment. With continuously refinement and growing, the equipment will eventually shine through.