Light Chaser is a mystery RPG game which created by professional technician team. Its’ specific and easy control has lead the ARPG gaming. Technician team used Unity 3D to make all 3D graphic and explosive skill. It has surpassed the standard gameplay and able to take over RPG market! Come experience the all-new RPG to excite your senses!

✦Beachhead War✦    Fight Together With Friends

Beachhead is a guild gameplay. The destination of Beachhead is Skull Island, Sailors will lead you to different ship and you would meet the members from other guilds and intend to defeat each other. After landing, monsters and boss will appear in the island. Defeat them to gain lots of points and use the points to exchange rare equipment.

✦Guild Hegemony✦   Fight For Our Glory

All guilds will be gathered in a map for a contest. There are 4 normal strongholds and 1 King stronghold. Occupied the stronghold and defeat enemies could obtain massive amount of points to exchange rare items. Killing monsters to obtain resource point. The victory will be given rich amount of rare items and diamond rewards. Moreover, all members would receive exclusive title and upgrade many CP as well.

✦C. S. 3V3✦   Teaming To Be The King

It has used moba gameplay. There are Red and Blue teams. In the scene, the lane split into Upper, Mid and Lower lane. Player has to occupy the opponent’s defence tower to obtain points or defeat enemies. Try not to against with powerful opponent, steal tower is a way to victory as well.

✦Diamond War✦  Thousands of unbound diamonds are free to give

Player has to purchase ticket to register before event. After that, player would enter the election. Player will ongoing 1V1 contest in a ring, Top 16 players are able to fight in Championship. No matter win or lose, player can surely receive diamond reward. Top 8 and above of players will receive thousands diamond prize.

Ochealand is passionately born! Brand new mode of map and gameplay are waiting for you! Besides that, relax and interaction are also the crucial element of Ochealand. Walking with friends side by side under the starry sky or enjoying the spring spa with friends is the perfect way to be closer with each other.