✎Light Chaser Simulator Guide


Light Chaser Simulator Guide

Long term purging suffered your phone? Your mobile is heat as hell? However, you don’t want to close your favourite game either. No more worries, the following guide is going to show you how use PC to play MMORPG.


1. Please download the app from official website in order to avoid virus. There are much type of simulators, but we recommend players to use bluestacks simulator.

2. IOS user can also use this Android simulator.

Guide of Simulator

1. Open Google Chrome and search bluestacks simulator. Open the official website of Bluestacks simulator.

2. Tap the arrow of download, after the software downloaded; follow the steps to install it.

3. Open the APK install pack to download it;, download  APK install pack.

4. Open the downloaded bluestacks, and drag the downloaded game pack into this simulator and wait for it be downloaded.      

5. At the main interface of simulator, Light Chaser has been downloaded. Tap it twice to open the game, it’s time to have fun!