[LightChaser] World Animal Day



Dog goes ""woof"",

Cat goes ""meow"",

Bird goes ""tweet"",

And mouse goes ""squeak"" ~

Ahem! Today (4th October) is World Animal Day, a special day that aims to raise awareness about protecting and appreciating the animals we share this planet with. These incredible creatures do not only exist throughout the world but also in our game, bringing us joy and fun.

Are you also an animal lover? GM Marine is definitely one of them and Marine favorite animal is the duck! (because they are the most adorable animal to me) While Yubi is a cat lover (or more like a cat slave)! So what is your favorite animal and why? Come and share with us an interesting experience you’ve ever had with animals!

Event Period: 4th-7th October 2021,14:00(UTC+8)

Event Rewards: 3 Special Prize + 20 Participation Prizes