[Lightchaser]We Draw,You Guess!



Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~

It's Christmas! Eyougame hereby wishes all players:

""Merry Christmas, and may all of you be filled with love, happiness, and prosperity!""

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Christmas? Turkey? Christmas trees? Presents? Santa Claus? Or a sleigh and reindeer? As much as we do not know what others think, we believe our game's offline event will come up first in our player's minds. To make up for the fact that we are unable to show up and celebrate Christmas with everyone, we've planned a special event called ""We Draw, You Guess"". (▽)

So, as you're probably aware, we have several GMs who will assist you with resolving issues via various platforms such as Messenger, email, Discord, or Eyou's official customer service. They will also give you some advice about the game.

However, I believe that many players are still unaware of our GMs' true identities. As a result,  we hope that you will be able to get to know a few of them by participating in the 'We Draw, You Guess' event!

Attention! Attention! I'll go over the game's rules and gameplay with you now! Take a small notebook with you to jot down notes. Of course, you won't be tested. But if you mess up, the prize may fly away. Oops!

First, we'll start with 3 hand-drawn artworks by our 3 GMs, followed by 5 options: GM Milos, GM Luna, GM Yubi, GM Katze, and GM Marine. Then you have to analyze and identify which GM drew the 3 artworks. Have a guess at what the GM is drawing, and finally, write down the answer based on the artwork's number! I've provided a template for you to ensure that you will not miss out on rewards due to omissions.

[Comment Template]

Character Name:

Server Number:


There will be __ special prize and __ participation prize to be won. So get ready to find out who drew it!

Event Period: 24th December 2021 - 27th December 2021 2:00 PM (UTC+8)

Event Rewards: 10 Participation Prizes


Artwork 1

Artist: GM ____

Object drawn:

Artwork 2

Artist: GM ____

Object drawn:

Artwork 3

Artist: GM ____

Object drawn:

Here’re a few tips for you~

**Keep an eye out for any hints hidden in the artwork of the GMs.

**All of GMs' artworks are related to the Christmas theme.

**I would also like to emphasize that, although the artworks may not be particularly attractive or may appear abstract, they nevertheless represent a genuine effort by our team to share Christmas joy with you all!

Only God knows how hard it was to convince the GMs to draw, so show your support for us by participating in this event! Give yourself a chance to win the reward! Join us in celebrating this wonderful season of Christmas! HOHOHO~!**


1. We reserve the right to amend any of its rules and regulations without any prior notice, and these amendments are deemed final should any dispute arise.

2. Any sexual, violent, religious and/or political related content will be considered a rule violation and will result in disqualification.

3. We reserve the right to blacklist any participant who leaves any hateful or offensive comments.

4. Hateful speeches, demoralizing comments, etc. are strictly prohibited. Violators of such will be disqualified.

5. For those who have changed their IGN during the event, please kindly rectify it in your comment. Failed compliance will result in disqualification.

6. Multiple entries from the same participant might lead to disqualification.


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