[LightChaser] Vegan Day



Go Vegan!!!

Hidden Fact: Meat And Dairy Cause 57% Carbon Emissions in 35% of the global greenhouse gases emissions.

This means that eating meat does harm our mother earth. That is not what GM Milos have expected as he is been eating meat happily to keep his muscles beautiful.

Thinking of that, are you guys Vegan? Vegan dishes are actually not bad, using fresh veggies and combine it with professional culinary skills would get you delicate vegan dishes. Some vegan dishes also consist ingredients like tofu and mushroom, with their culinary skills they could make these 2 ingredients taste like real meat too.

This have make us curious on what delicious vegan dishes have you guys eaten before or you yourself is an expert chef on cooking vegan dishes ? Show us the vegan dishes that you ate or you cooked to us and share your story on the dish :D

Event Period: 1st November 2021 14:00 PM - 3rd November 2021 14:00 PM (UTC+8)                                        

Event Rewards: 15 Participation Prizes