[Lightchaser] M Dollar Hunter


#Lightchaser #MDollarHunter


Dear players, Good Day!

Does anyone hate having too much money?

I'm sure there isn't one. If there is, please inform me. As kind as I am, I would like to help them to solve this problem.

I used to think so... However, when those banknotes are placed before me, God knows how my mind is blown when there is no money counting machine to help! It's impossible to keep track! What's even more frightening is that person who disliked money said I could take away several times as much as I do now if I could successfully count the right number of notes.

So, dear players! Can you help me to figure out how many M Dollars are there? In return, I will definitely be ready to give everyone a rich reward! o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

How to help:

1. Count the number of M Dollars in the picture below.

2. Copy our comment template, fill in all the information and paste it into the comments section together with your answer.

Could you please help me count the correct number of the M Dollar? Let's try it now! (*^▽^*)

Event Period: 23rd May 2022 - 26th May 2022 (14:00 UTC+8)


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