[Lightchaser] Water Pouring Challenge


#Lightchaser #WaterPouringChallenge


Amber, who has nothing better to do, recently found a mini-game.

I am thinking of giving you all a try. It took me a whole day to find the answer because I am not gifted at maths. (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

I can't figure out why I got it wrong in the end while my colleagues can see the problem at a glance. I guess that's the difference between those who are good at maths and those who are bad at maths. To be honest. I'm so jealous~

So, we've started a new challenge! Can any player solve the problem at a glance? ( ̄▽ ̄)"

Or did you think about it as long as I did?

There are 3 water bottles: 16L (filled with water), 12L (empty), and 9L (empty).

Question: How do you fill a 9L water bottle with just 7L of water?

I'll leave the problem solving to you~

Event Period: 1st June 2022 - 4th June 2022 (14:00 UTC+8)


1. We reserve the right to amend any of its rules and regulations without any prior notice, and these amendments are deemed final should any dispute arise.

2. Any sexual, violent, religious and/or political related content will be considered a rule violation and will result in disqualification.

3. We reserve the right to blacklist any participant who leaves any hateful or offensive comments.

4. Hateful speeches, demoralizing comments, etc. are strictly prohibited. Violators of such will be disqualified.

5. For those who have changed their IGN during the event, please kindly rectify it in your comment. Failed compliance will result in disqualification.

6. Multiple entries from the same participant might lead to disqualification.